Meet Steven & Eugene


Steven and Eugene will never forget the story about Rev. Frank Diaz, one of our founders, and the man with the pliers.

In the late 80s, the poor and homeless were constantly knocking on the doors of Rev. Diaz’s church. Many were young men asking for baby food. Rev. Diaz assumed they had children to feed, but he soon found he was wrong. The baby food was for them because they had no teeth.

The local hospital could not provide the dental care they needed, so they resulted to pulling their own teeth. Many even visited a local man working out of his garage – he used pliers to pull their teeth for them. So began the vision to create a safe, low-cost dental facility for the working poor who had nowhere else to go. In 2014, we expect the new Dental Center to serve affordable oral care to approximately 11,000 patients.

“The mission of Manos is to give people an opportunity to be healthy, whole and ready to do work,” said Steven.

Steven and Eugene are proud supporters of Manos, and with their sustaining support we continue to make an immediate impact in Central Texas.


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